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Lady Cesarina Malvora is the head of House Malvora. She first appears in White Night.


Cesarina Malvora
Stupidity? In what way, O weak and aged King? In what way are the deaths of the kine anything but sweetness to the senses, balm to the Hunger?
[The quality of her voice changed, as if she changed her facing in the cavern]
Cesarina Malvora
We are strong, and the strong do as they wish. Who shall call us to task for it, O King? You?
If that wasn’t a straight line, my name isn’t Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden.
— Harry Dresden to himself.[1]

The mother of Vittorio Malvora,[1] she is described as being tiny, no more than five feet tall. While dressed in a toga, she is said to be "curved like the Greek goddesses the gown [makes] her resemble".[2]

In the story[]

White Night[]

Lady Malvora plots with her son Vittorio to claim that he is the one killing the practitioners to prove how easy it would be to defeat the White Council of wizards by hindering their ability replenish their numbers. By demonstrating the weakened state of their enemies, she hoped to usurp the White Throne of the White Court from House Raith on the basis that Lord Raith is too ineffectual to take advantage of said weakness.[3][1]

When the Deeps are invaded by ghouls, Lady Malvora is seen ripping the arm off of one ghoul and crushing its skull with it. Four more ghouls then quickly engulf her, tearing her apart.[4]

It turns out later that Lara Raith had manipulated Malvora and House Skavis into betraying her court so that she could control the coup which inevitably would have occurred.[5]


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