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Carlos Ramirez is a human wizard and Warden of the White Council. He first appears in Death Masks, and properly introduced in Dead Beat.



Warden Carlos Ramirez

He works as a Warden of the White Council. Ramirez was the youngest ever regional commander in the Wardens.[1]

He is a combat specialist[2] and talented with veils.[1] In addition to a silver sword he carries a handgun and several grenades.[3][1]

Ramirez has naturally tanned skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and sharp-edged features (described by Dresden as "classically Spanish"); he is of average height.[1] Ramirez always talks about his sexual adventures, and seems to have an obsession with hot chicks. Embarrassingly enough, in White Night, Lara Raith identifies him as a virgin.[4]


Carlos Ramirez is a fierce fighter, who rides Sue, the zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex with Dresden in Dead Beat, aids Harry Dresden (in his flashback) in White Night, and also fights alongside Dresden in the same book.

In the series[]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, he fights alongside Luccio. He killed Grevane while the necromancer was distracted by Dresden. He was knocked out when Cowl magically threw him.[5] When the Darkhallow was interrupted, he was protected from its backlash by the reanimated Sue's body, which Bob moved to stand over Ramirez. Ramirez survived the events, albeit with four broken ribs and two dislocated shoulders.[6]

"War Cry"[]

In "War Cry", Ramirez is a part of the Dresden's team sent to assist a group of Venatori in Montezuma, IA. Scouting the house they Venatori are besieged in, he discovers the existence of a shoggoth; later, in a fresh surge of fighting, he manages to hit and hurt Baron Bravosa. He is, however, captured by the latter's Red Court vampires.[7]

Proven Guilty[]

In Proven Guilty, Harry Dresden tasked him with the security at Molly Carpenter's hearing.[1]

"AAAA Wizardry"[]

In "AAAA Wizardry", Carlos Ramirez is mentioned as being a Warden-Commander of the US, and training young wardens in combat and in relations with the mortal authorities.[8]

White Night[]

In White Night,

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Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat,

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In Changes, Carlos Ramirez is on guard duty outside the Senior Council Residence Hall. He called after Harry Dresden who can't stop being in the middle of a crisis. Molly promises to call him if he can help.[9] Later, Dresden learns in a letter from Steed, that Ramirez was arrested along with some other young Wardens. They tried to rescue another group of young Wardens who had gotten together to make an attempt to kill Arianna Ortega and were discovered by Cristos and so were locked up.[10]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Murphy says that she will kick up to the Wardens the problem of missing Paranetters in Oregon to the Fomor is other cities. She'll get Ramirez's help specifically on this.[11]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Thomas Raith updated Harry Dresden on what's going on and told him that Carlos Ramirez had been hurt real bad against the Fomor, a year earlier; he's not back in action yet. Warden Bill Meyers in Texas is giving the Fomor hell. The Wardens in Baltimore and San Diego are holding their own.[12]

"Cold Case"[]

In "Cold Case", he teams up with Molly Carpenter in order to deal with the Holy Ascension of Our Lord in Unalaska.[Footnote 1] Later, he gets gravely hurt by her Mantle when they try to have sex.[13]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, Ramirez informs Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith that the Fomor have called for a peace summit, hosted in Chicago by Gentleman Marcone.[14] Ramirez no longer trusts Dresden, fearing subversion by the White Court, and so tracks him down and interrogates him.[15] Afterward, he attends the peace summit on the Senior Council's security detail, until suddenly his own cloak is bewitched, dragging him around the peace summit and causing a massive distraction. Although he eventually extricates himself, it doesn't stop moving about until Dresden's spell on it fades.[16]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, Ramirez tries to get Harry Dresden to open up to him, without success.[17] Along with the other Wardens, he investigates a group of necromancers in Graceland cemetery who turn out to be Black Court vampires led by Drakul.[17] Carlos survives the confrontation with very heavy injuries, yet continues to fight against Ethniu and is later seen protecting the Archive.[18] After the battle, Carlos meets Dresden to officially inform him that he has been expelled from the White Council, accusing him of being a monster and blaming the many deaths on Dresden's unwillingness to talk to him.[19]


Carlos Ramirez Card

Carlos' entropic magic.

He uses a gauntlet as his focus. It projects a partial disintegration screen using entropy magic, a specialization of water magic.[20] This magic appears able to break down even living beings into their chemical components, and is speculated to be very energy-efficient.[18]



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