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The Brighter Future Society is an organization founded by John Marcone. It is first mentioned in Ghost Story.[1]


Brighter Future Society is the name on the plaque of the Chicago Alliance Headquarters.

The building housing it, a small but genuine castle, is located on the property where Dresden's old boarding house was, and is guarded by armed soldiers of Valhalla.[2][3]

Society members include Karrin Murphy, Waldo Butters, and Daniel Carpenter.[4] It is associated with the Chicago Alliance, the Paranet, and the Venatori.[2]

In the series[]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Butters took Dresden's shade there, who noticed the presence of Sven and Skaldi Skheldson among other Einherjaren. Afterwards, he and Murphy discussed his death; she demanded he tell him where the kids who shot up her place are. Dresden wants to help Fitz and his crew get out from under the thumb of Aristedes, so he refused to tell Murphy; she got angry and walked out.[2]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Thomas Raith informs Harry Dresden that his sister Lara had partnered with the Society and John Marcone, that it was her idea and that Marcone imported the castle. It's better for both of them to team up against the Fomor. Thanks to the Society and Lara, the Fomor have not gotten a solid foothold in Chicago.[3]


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