Dresden Files

Bonea, also called Bonnie, is first mentioned in Ghost Story, and first appears in Skin Game.


In herself, she looks like a small cloud of greenish sparks inhabiting a wooden skull Dresden originally crafted for Bob.[1]

In Dresden's mental world, the spirit looks like a twelve-years old girl around puberty. Her appearance is based on Dresden's own as well as on that of many women important to him: his dark hair, Lash's blue-green eyes, Karrin Murphy's square, balanced chin, the Archive's rounded cheeks, Susan Rodriguez's jawline, Elaine Mallory's nose, and Kim Delaney's hair.[2]


Bonea is a spirit of intellect, born of Dresden and Lash, after the latter sacrificed herself for the former in White Night. A part of her remained in Dresden's mind, letting him play the guitar and hear echoes of her in his head. The "parasite" (as referred to by Mab in a moment of dark humor) was formed from these remains and parts of Dresden's own psyche.[3] It is unknown when Bonea started to properly "gestate," but it seems to have first become noticeable in Turn Coat when Butters mentions getting medication for Dresden due to his increasingly severe headaches and wanting him to get a CAT scan.(reference needed)

According to Dresden, she has inherited Lasciel's knowledge via her imprint.(reference needed)

In the series[]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Demonreach mentions the parasite as having kept Harry Dresden's body alive and metabolically active while the latter thought he was a ghost.[4]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, as Demonreach shows the well to Bob and Harry Dresden, the latter starts experiencing an increasingly bad headache. As he starts to brace himself against it, Demonreach growls at him and the headache suddenly disappears. Confused, Dresden asks Demonreach what happened, and the genius loci explains that it was warning the parasite off. Dresden asks what will happen when the parasite is finished growing, and Demonreach responds that it will "burst forth from his skull" (terrifying Dresden), and that only Molly Carpenter will be able to save him. Taking this knowledge into account, Dresden and Bob then leave the well to continue their struggle to stop the prison break. After succeeding, Dresden informs Thomas Raith that he has to stay on Demonreach until Molly's return since Demonreach's presence is able to contain the parasite and prevent it from killing him.

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, Mab informs Harry Dresden that he only has three days before the parasite kills him and that he will have to do her bidding if he wants to be cured.[5] The threat stems from the parasite's continued growth, which at first causes increasingly bad headaches but ultimately threatens to rip Dresden's head open, as the spirit needs to escape it to keep growing. In return for his service, Mab provides Dresden with a magical earring that freezes her, preventing her from growing and disrupting his work. Mab also warns Dresden that as soon as he is killed by the parasite, it will immediately go after his family and friends. Eventually, in one of his dream conversations with his inner self, he finally learns the truth behind the parasite and how it won't be hurting his friends out of malice, but because it genuinely wants to help and doesn't know any better. Later, during the battle with the Denarians in Hades' Vault, Dresden starts to panic when he learns that Lasciel is aware of the parasite's existence, and she intends to rip it out of Dresden's skull to claim it for her own purposes. As the earring is broken during the final battle at the Carpenters' house, Dresden collapses from the pain, but is saved by the timely arrival of Molly Carpenter, who delivers the spirit and transfers it in the wooden skull Dresden had made for Bob.[1]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, she helps her sister prepare pancakes for breakfast, informing Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith she has two hundred and twenty-seven different recipes for them.[6]

Word of Jim[]

In a Reddit AMA, Jim Butcher officially confirmed the name, and that she is nicknamed Bonnie, an old Scottish name meaning "beautiful" and a wordplay on "bones".[7]