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Bombshells is a novella in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. It is set in the time of Ghost Story[1] and is told from Molly Carpenter's point of view. It can be found in the anthology Dangerous Women, and has been included in the anthology Brief Cases.


Molly Carpenter is using Waldo Butters' shower after having comforted a kid dying by the hand of the Fomors; she has been living hand-to-mouth on the run since Harry Dresden's death. Justine calls on her after Thomas Raith's disappearance, and Molly accepts the task of finding him. She tracks him to the Svartalves stronghold in Chicago, when The Leanansidhe warns her that both Thomas and herself are in grave danger. After returning to Butters' apartment, Andi Macklin, now Butters' live-in partner, hits her, viewing unfavorably Molly's access to their apartment.

After learning that the Svartalves are giving a party to celebrate the signing of a non-aggression treaty with the Fomors, Molly recruits the other three for Thomas' rescue. At the Svartalf stronghold, they enter on Etri's invitation, and Andi Macklin, in wolf form, and Molly start scouting the place, entering a corridor protected by a number of avoidance spells, until they catch up with Listen and a number of other Fomor servitors. Hidden by a veil, they follow them to a room where a Fomor Lord is lodged, discovering he has smuggled in a bomb and is arming it to set it off in a short time. At that moment, Listen discovers the two girls, and a fight ensues, during which Molly manages to disarm the bomb.

Etri's intervention prevents the Fomor Lord's from killing Molly and Andi; after taking in what has happened in the room, he exacts the Fomor's life as retribution, and owes Molly a favor. Molly requests Thomas' restitution, and discovers that he is busy repaying his trespassing in the stronghold by sharing a bed with a number of Svartalf ladies.

Molly then leaves only to meet the Leanansidhe, who admits that she had tricked the young woman into preventing the signing of the treaty and that Harry Dresden is not yet dead.


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