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Bock Ordered Books is a shop owned by Artemis Bock. The shop first appears in Dead Beat.


It is located near Lincoln Park,[Footnote 1] Chicago, and is the city's oldest occult shop.[1]

In the series[]

White Night[]

In White Night, Harry Dresden mentions seeing a woman from Ordo Lebes in the bookstore a few times.[2]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, Harry Dresden visited it in search for the book Die Lied der Erlking. In her guise as Shiela, (Lash) claimed to work there.[1] On his first visit, Dresden is confronted by Cowl and Kumori for the book from him after he just purchased with a check. On Dresden's second visit, Shiela had called him claiming to have been scared by something. While there, he is confronted a second time by another necromancer, Capiorcorpus posing as her assistant Li Xian.[3]

Books seen on Bock's shelves[]



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