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Bobby is a porn actor. He first appears in Blood Rites.


Who the hell are you?
Harry Dresden
I the hell am Harry.
You always a wiseass?
Harry Dresden
No. Sometimes I’m asleep.
— Dresden meeting Bobby.[2]

Bobby looked like a "weight-lifting commercial," tall, built, tan, with black hair. At first, he was rude and threatening to Harry Dresden;[2] later he apologizes to the wizard. Bobby worked as a porn actor. He eventually got the stage name Gowan Commando.[3]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

In Blood Rites, Harry Dresden first meets Bobby with Jake Guffie in the parking lot of Arturo Genosa's studio heading to work. Dresden jokes with Guffie that he's a "stunt double" lead Bobby to be unreasonably and belligerently rude and in Dresden's face. Guffie makes him back off then explains to Dresden that Bobby is tense and that he's worried that Dresden is there to be his stunt penis.[2]

When Dresden is trying to save Giselle and Guffie after being electrocuted and Giselle badly cut and burned, he starts yelling at Dresden. Joan Dallas nearly knocks him over going to call the EMTs and get ice.[4]

Thomas Raith tells Dresden that Inari Raith is "twitterpatted" about Bobby. Dresden balks, calling him a "macho violent kid". Thomas Raith tells Dresden to give him a break, quoting:

How insecure would you be if you were planning on spending the day having sex on camera in front of the girl you’d like to ask to dinner?— Thomas[5]

Bobby apologizes to Dresden for being rude to him, and Dresden shakes his hand graciously. When Guffie tells him they were doing feng shui, Bobby thought that meant martial arts.[3]

At the Raith estate, Bobby carries Justine outside for Inari and Lara Raith so that she could help locate Thomas Raith. Then he saves Inari from one of Lord Raith's bodyguards about to shoot her, taking the shot himself. Inari is very worried about him, acknowledging his bravery. Inari's shoulder is badly injured when he throws her down out of the line of fire. They both need ambulances.[6]

In the end, he quits acting, planning with Inari to start up a feng shui[Footnote 1] consulting business in California with Guffie.[1]



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