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The Big Hoods are a cult-like gang following the Corpsetaker. They are first mentioned in Ghost Story.


Fitz describes them as "creepy-cult crazy". Nicholas Christian states that the gangs around there call them the Big Hoods because they all wear hoodies with the hoods up all the time. They started up about three years earlier. They never seem to attract much police attention and they don't appeear to claim any territory.[1]

Their hideout is in a small tunnel under the Eisenhower Expressway.[Footnote 1] There is a warded door into a tunnel and that lead to an electrical junction room whose writings and then to a rough corridor into Undertown. Along the passageway, there are several alcoves serving as individual quarters for the Big Hoods, containing a mattress and some kind of bedding covered in mold and mildew. The hallway opens into a huge room the size of a hockey rink filled with bad guys: lemurs and Big Hoods. There is a bass-beat beacon coming from a pit in the center of the room that called wraiths to it.[2]

Magical writings on the door and in the electrical junction room and traces of magical energy seem to indicate they have some talent for magic.[2]

In the series[]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Nicholas Christian told Fitz, who's with Harry Dresden's ghost, where they could be found. Dresden is trying to find what Mortimer Lindquist and rescue him from the Big Hoods and the Grey Ghost.[1] Dresden entered the hideout following passageways that led to a big room where they had Lindquist dangling from the gallows from which they lowered him into the pit filled with wraiths. The Grey Ghost was trying to torture Lindquist into giving his permission to take over his body, showing itself to be the Corpsetaker.[2]

When Dresden enters their hideout with his ghost army, He can't enter because the wards are too strong. He sends for Molly Carpenter opens a way for them.[3] Dresden and the ghosts—Lecter Specters and Ghost Soldiers—pass through Evil Bob's defenses in the Nevernever to enter their hideout right inside their circle by the pit. Battle ensues.[4] Corpsetaker ordered them to kill Karrin Murphy and her team when they entered when she tore down the wards. Instead, Murphy talks them down, ID's Joshua, and promises them food if Josh will invite Dresden and Molly Carpenter in. Molly puts them all to sleep with a spell.[5] When the cops arrive, Murphy and Lindquist told them that the Big Hoods had tortured him. A few got treated by the EMTs while the rest got arrested.[6]



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