The Barabbus curse is a curse associated to Nicodemus Archleone's noose. It is first mentioned in Death Masks.


The Barabbus curse is a curse that Nicodemus Archleone can cast thanks to his noose. The curse operates by mandating a death that cannot be avoided.[1] The name is a corruption of Barabbas,[Footnote 1] the biblical figure condemned to death and freed by the Jews in place of Jesus.

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Death MasksEdit

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez are hit by an entropy curse, apparently cast by Snakeboy, which they barely escape.[2] Michael Carpenter informs Dresden that it is actually a Barabbus curse Nicodemus Archleone cast on him. It is possible to voluntarily take the victim's place, a loophole that causes Shiro Yoshimo's death.[1]


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