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The daughter of the Summer Queen, Titania, Aurora was the Summer Lady. She first appears in Summer Knight.


Aurora has green eyes with vertically slit pupils and white hair.[1]

When in Chicago, she resides at the Rothchild Hotel.[1]

In the series[]

Summer Knight[]

Aurora took Elaine Mallory in after she was "wounded" by Lloyd Slate, and sat to talk to Harry Dresden; he noted her gentleness and kindness.[1]

However, she had Lily kidnapped and disguised as a statue in the Summer Gardens. She also stole the Unraveling Dresden obtained from Mother Winter, and started the War at the Stone Table, planning to shift the power of the old Summer Knight, Ronald Reuel, which had been transferred to Lily (being half-mortal at the time), to Winter by killing her on the Table. The power of the Summer Knight would be added to Winter, outbalancing the two Fae Courts. Dresden killed her by unleashing pixies, led by Toot-Toot, armed with plastic-coated box-cutters. Her mother, Titania, carried her away from the Valley of the Table.[2]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Lily spoke sadly of having watched her friend Aurora, who she loved like a sister, change, become twisted. Lily believed it was caused by a contagion, later revealed to be Nemesis.[3][4]


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