Dresden Files

Artemis Bock is a human male, and owner of Bock Ordered Books. He first appears in Dead Beat.


He runs an occult bookstore largely to provide for his family. Despite checks by the Wardens, he manages to procure some rare, hard to find, or banned books. 'The Cage' is a section of his store that holds a majority of these. Some of his store items are not cheap and, according to Harry Dresden, cost a large portion of his rent.[1]

In the series[]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, he bans Dresden from entering the premise, however, due to his personal respect for the man, allows him to continue buying books via a telephone call and house visits. His book store is located near the college campus in a somewhat bad part of town.[1]

He appears to know Billy Borden.[1]


In Aftermath, William Borden mentions him as a source of the information that half a dozen people disappearing in the day and a half before the kidnapping of Georgia and Andi Macklin.[2]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, Artemis Bock is present at MacAnally's Pub when Harry Dresden informs the people present that Chicago is under threat.[3]