Dresden Files

Arcanos is a role-playing game[Footnote 1] in The Dresden Files. It first appears in the short story "Day Off".


The game is set in a straight fantasy background.[1]

In the series[]

Summer Knight[]

In Summer Knight, William Borden invites Harry Dresden to a game of Arcanos to distract him from his worries about The War.[2]

"Day Off"[]

In "Day Off", one such game is being played at Will and Georgia Borden's place, with Harry Dresden complaining loudly about the inaccuracies in its depiction of magic. As a repeat offender, he is made to pay for the beer.[1]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, after the Alphas got heavily beaten in the fight that saw the loss of Kirby, Harry Dresden brings Waldo Butters at Will and Georgia Borden's to take up Arcanos again.[3]



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