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Anna Valmont is a human female, a thief and a member of the Churchmice. She first appears in Death Masks.


Anna Valmont was part of a team of thieves called the Churchmice who stole an imitation of the Shroud of Turin intending to sell it to the highest bidder.[1] The team included also Gaston LaRouche, found dead near a small airport,[1] and Francisca Garcia, killed by Deirdre Archleone on Etranger.[2]

Anna Valmont has blond hair and a high British accent with a touch of amusement in her voice.[3]

In the series[]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden gets a tip from Ulsharavas that the Shroud and the thieves are on a ship called Etranger parked in Burnham Harbor.[4] Dresden surveys the ship, then boards it, finding two thieves—Francisca Garcia and Anna Valmont. He nearly gets the Shroud when Valmont gets the drop on him with a gun. Then the ship is attacked by Deirdre Archleone, who kills Garcia and sinks the ship. Dresden saves the Shroud from Deirdre but Valmont escapes with it.[5]

During a Gala for the Chicago Historical & Art Society held at the Marriott Downtown Chicago Hotel, Valmont attempts to hold a covert sale of the Shroud to John Marcone. Harry Dresden, Susan Rodriguez and Martin interrupt the sale and try to get the Shroud. Before they can succeed, they are all attacked by Nicodemus Archleone and two Denarians: Deirdre Archleone and Quintus Cassius. Valmont manages to escape but Dresden and the Shroud are captured by Nicodemus.[6]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, she's hired by Nicodemus Archleone as an expert on security systems.[7] She helps break into John Marcone's vault to get them to Hades' Vault.[8]

She is last mentioned at the Carpenter home with Binder after the raid on Hades' vault.[9]


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