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Amoracchius, also known as the Redeemer's blade,[1] the Sword of Love,[2] and in legend, as Excalibur,[3][Footnote 1] is one of the Swords of the Cross. It first appears in Grave Peril.


The nails are visible — Dresden does his best to convince himself that it’s rust, not blood, on the nail in the hilt of Michael’s sword in Grave Peril. They are worked into the metal of the blade, at the base, just above the guard, point toward the end of the blade.

Completely unadorned, pure function. Though it’s possible that there may have been designs on the crossguard or hilt that have worn away over time.
Jim Butcher[4]

Amoracchius is a five-foot long heavy European broadsword with a crusader-style hilt bound in wire. Its nail is worked into the hilt and the sword is kept in a black leather scabbard.[5]

In combat, the sheer power of the blade emits a thrumming sound and bright light that seems to banish shadows and can momentarily blind those around the wielder.[6] Amoracchius can harm supernatural beings, its cuts being left in flames that cauterize the wound, and is an incredibly powerful object of faith.[7][5]

As with the other Swords of the Cross, Amoracchius loses its power and might be broken when used for reasons contrary to its nature: in this case, out of hatred. In Grave Peril, the Leanansidhe takes the sword away from Dresden, who tried to strike out with it in an effort to escape his bargain with her.[1][2]


The spirit of Sir Stuart confirms that Amoracchius is Excalibur,[3] and is the only sword not reworked after its original forging.[8]


Excalibur, or Caliburn, is the legendary sword of King Arthur, and is sometimes attributed with magical powers or associated with the rightful sovereignty of Britain, so much so that it has been equated to the Sword in the Stone. The sword, or very similar ones, are prominent also in Welsh and Irish mithology.[Footnote 1]

Wielders and guardians[]

In Small Favor, it is wielded by Michael Carpenter until he is almost mortally wounded in the battle on Demonreach.[9] He then leaves the sword with Harry Dresden, who is tasked to guard the sword until a suitable wielder can be found.[10]

In Changes, Dresden lends the sword to Susan Rodriguez before their group leaves for Chichén Itzá.[11][12] The sword is then in the possession of Karrin Murphy in Ghost Story.[3] Michael takes Amoracchius once more in Skin Game[6] and, after the fighting is over, leaves again the sword in Dresden's care.[13]

It circulates less than the other two Swords, and is only used in times of great need.[14]

In the series[]

Grave Peril[]

In Grave Peril, Michael Carpenter helps Harry Dresden fight the ghost of Agatha Hagglethorn as she is haunting Cook County Hospital. As Michael drew the sword, it gives off a lambent light and Dresden notes the air thrums with its power. The sword is able to parry an incorporeal spirit weapon.[5] Later, they travel to the Nevernever to fight the ghost, with Michael striking the deathblow with Amoracchius.[7]

Dresden has a dream later, remembering the arrest of Leonid Kravos. The confrontation occurs in a warehouse with Special Investigations and Michael. Michael uses Amoracchius to dispatch a Demon summoned by Kravos, who is then apprehended.[15] Dresden discusses this with Bob, who notes the sword may be able to kill a demon, not just disperse its vessel.[16]

The Nightmare abducted Charity Carpenter dragging her to Graceland cemetery. There is a big showdown between Dresden and the Nightmare with The Leanansidhe interjecting herself into it to trick Dresden out of Amoracchius.[17]

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Death Masks[]

In Death Masks,

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Proven Guilty[]

In Proven Guilty, Michael Carpenter informs Harry Dresden that The Original Merlin was another of the White Council who once was custodian of Amoracchius. He suggested to Dresden that he begin researching how Amoracchius was passed on historically.[8] Due to this conversation, Dresden has good reason to believe that Amoracchius is actually the same sword as Excalibur, the last sword entrusted to a wizard, The Original Merlin.[8]

The Warrior[]

In The Warrior, Father Douglas attempts to steal Amoracchius; he later takes Alicia Carpenter hostage in an attempt to exchange her for both Amoracchius and Fidelacchius, briefly taking possession of them before being defeated by Harry Dresden and Michael Carpenter.[18]


In Changes, Harry Dresden allowed Susan Rodriguez to bear Amoracchius for the purposes of rescuing her and Dresden's daughter, Margaret Angelica Dresden from the Red Court and the Bloodline curse they plan to sacrifice her for at Chichén Itzá.[11] Inside the Temple of Kukulkan, Susan, at a key moment and under a veil, wields Amoracchius against the Red King, cutting off his arm and stopping him from killing Maggie with the sacrificial knife.[12]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, during a meeting of the Chicago Alliance, Daniel Carpenter lets slip in front of Felicia Raith, a White Court vampire, that it was in the possession of Karrin Murphy, saying, "Bring forth the Swords!" [19]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Dresden asked about the whereabouts of the sword and Murphy told him that she could no longer trust the sword in his care because of his role as the new Winter Knight.[20]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, Michael Carpenter is loaned Uriel's grace, temporarily healing the crippling injuries he sustained in the battle on Demonreach. This allows him to once again take up Amoracchius and accompany Dresden in Murphy's stead on the raid of Hades' vault. Following his encounter with Nicodemus at the Carpenter home, he returns the sword to Dresden for safekeeping.[13]

Word of Jim[]

Amoracchius is gonna, uh…we’re gonna…that’s…that’s gonna be, that’s gonna be apocalypse time by the time Amoracchius comes off the shelf. Amoracchius is not one of those Swords that really rampages around the world very often, and when it does, you’ve heard about it, so…Jim Butcher, 2011 Marscon Q&A session, when asked who the new wielder of Amoracchius would be.[14]



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