Dresden Files

Alicia Nelson is a human female, assistant to Dr. Bartlesby,[1] She first appears in Dead Beat.


About 5'6" and "pleasantly pretty", dressed in sandals, a simple blue sundress, and a wool jacket. She has a bob cut of curly brown hair.[2]


According to the newspaper photo that CPD officer Henry Rawlins gives to Harry Dresden, Alicia Nelson was Dr. Bartlesby's assistant and her co-assistant is Li Xian.[1] When Dresden sees them in person for the first time at the Forensic Institute, he realizes that Li Xian is a ghoul and he listens her call him "my lord".[2] She is Capiorcorpus, the Corpsetaker.[3]

In the series[]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, the body of Alicia Nelson had been stolen, or occupied, by Corpsetaker and is the one that Anastasia Luccio ended up getting when Corpsetaker forced her out of her own body. Just prior to this, Luccio had stabbed this body with her sword during their sword fight and that's when the Corpsetaker switched bodies.[4] Waldo Butters tended to her wounds and they turned out not as fatal as Luccio originally believed.[5]


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