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Alfred is a genius loci, guardian to the island of Demonreach. It first appears in Turn Coat.


The island's genius loci is extremely old and powerful. It has Intellectus limited to its shores, which Harry Dresden can use while on the island. Demonreach's genius loci manifests as a figure about eleven or twelve feet tall, with a billowing black cloak, a limp (caused by the glacier that carved out the lake),[1] and two vividly green eyes.[2]

In Cold Days, Alfred resists the power of Maeve, the Winter Lady (one of the most powerful Sidhe), and a retinue of high ranking Sidhe Nobles, while simultaneously warding off an attack from an army of outsiders. It took the combined powers of both Ladies and their retinues hours to even damage him slightly, a testament to his immense power.[3]

However, Alfred seems limited in its ability to actively resist invaders, which Dresden speculates is due to the nature of the island itself. Mab acknowledges that Demonreach could have responded more aggressively to her daughters' attack and thanks him for being restrained.[3]

Harry Dresden nicknames it Alfred.[4]

In the series[]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Harry Dresden performs a sanctum invocation on the uncharted island in Lake Michigan. The invocation involves a ritual where the spirit of the island manifests as a dark, towering figure with bright green eyes. Dresden fights it using the four classical elements with little effect. The guardian stops five feet in front of him, where Dresden names the island Demonreach, successfully claiming it as his sanctum.[2] When Rashid arrives to answer Dresden's challenge to the White Council, Dresden invites him onto the island. Rashid refuses, as the island "holds a grudge." Dresden interprets this to be related to the guardian's limp.[5]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Harry Dresden leaves Uriel, choosing to walk through the black door toward what he assumes is the afterlife. Instead, his soul rejoins his body on Demonreach, where he is greeted by Alfred and Mab. Alfred tells him his body has been maintained by Mab giving it breath, Demonreach providing nourishment, and the parasite maintaining the flow of blood.[6]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Molly Carpenter tells Harry Dresden she has been visiting Demonreach during his absence. He asks if she has encountered Alfred, which she denies. Molly indicates her presence has been "tolerated", but that it gave no indication of being cordial or friendly. She also tells him she thinks energy is building on the island and it is on the verge of a catastrophe.[7] Bob and Thomas Raith join Dresden and Molly on a trip to the island. Dresden and Bob meet Alfred in the lighthouse, where it speaks for the first time. Alfred indicates there is trouble, and Dresden may be able to help.[8] Alfred leads Bob and Dresden to the well, where Dresden's role as Warden over a massive supernatural prison is explained.[9]

Once Dresden understands his role, Alfred reveals some details on two problems. First, the headaches Dresden is experiencing are related to a parasite that will eventually burst from his skull. Alfred bargained with it to help keep Dresden's body alive on Demonreach in exchange for not telling Dresden about it. The second problem is more complicated than Dresden can understand, so Alfred dumbs it down for Bob, who dumbs it down for Dresden. The prison was created by The Original Merlin in multiple dimensions, and it is being attacked across multiple dimensions, including time. Alfred generally cannot leave the island, so it is up to the Warden to defend it from this attack.[10]

During the attack on Demonreach, Dresden makes his way to the ruined lighthouse where he finds Alfred defending from a simultaneous attack from Sarissa and Maeve.[11] The attack pauses once Dresden summons Mab, who thanks Alfred for showing restraint while under attack. [3] Alfred remained on guard at the lighthouse during the confrontation that transpired, resulting in the transfer of the mantles of the Summer and Winter Lady. Dresden asks Alfred to help move the wounded into the cottage. During a subsequent conversation with Mab, Dresden tells Alfred if she shoots him, to imprison her in the well.[12]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, Harry Dresden has spent the last year secluded on Demonreach, as Alfred has been able to keep the parasite in his head in check. The time and effort to contain continues to increase; early on, Alfred could contain it with a word of warning, but it has built up to an hour-long process. Upon rousing after the latest effort, Dresden jokingly says "'Bout time, Alfred," as a reference to Alfred Pennyworth.[Footnote 1] The guardian doesn't understand the joke, and adopts the moniker Alfred Demonreach. Alfred then alerts Dresden to the presence of Mab at the dock[4]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, Alfred appears when Harry Dresden, Lara Raith, Freydis Gard, and Karrin Murphy arrive at Demonreach with a gravely injured Thomas Raith. Dresden asks Alfred to put Thomas in stasis in the island's prison.[13] Lara believes harm has come to Thomas and attacks Dresden. Once Dresden subdues her, Alfred asks if he needs to prepare another cell. Dresden declines, but realizes after further discussion with Alfred that Ethniu could be imprisoned in Demonreach.[14]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, Alfred appears in the waters of Lake Michigan to drag Ethniu to Demonreach after Harry Dresden completes a binding using the Spear of Destiny.[15] After a confrontation with Justine, Alfred gets Dresden to the shore of Demonreach. When Lara Raith's people show up to retrieve Dresden, Alfred tolerates two men coming to the edge of the shore, but only after repelling an incursion from Freydis Gard by throwing her 200 yards into the lake.[16]



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