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Aleron LaFortier is a French wizard and a member of the Senior Council. He first appears in Summer Knight.


Aleron LaFortier has been described as a gaunt and rail-thin French wizard.[1]

In Turn Coat, Harry Dresden describes him as a skinny, bald and sanctimonious jerk. Dresden suspects that he was one of the Senior members who voted him guilty and against clemency at his trial (when Dresden was age sixteen)[2]—Dresden can't be sure, he was wearing a hood.[3]

Aleron LaFortier has the most supporters outside the Western nations, all small and less powerful nations: Asia, Africa, South America.[4]

In the seriesEdit

Summer KnightEdit

Not much is known about him, but he votes against Harry Dresden when the White Council wants to surrender him to the Red Court and shows a certain pleasure and viciousness in making Dresden uncomfortable.[1]

Turn CoatEdit

As of Turn Coat, LaFortier is dead and Donald Morgan is accused of having murdered him.[3] The true killer turns out to be Warden Anastasia Luccio,[5] under mind control; council politics dictates that Morgan to be posthumously tried and found guilty.[6]


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