Dresden Files

Alchemy is the branch of magic that encompasses the brewing of potions. Master alchemists on the White Council wear banded silver cords.[1]


The ingredients of each potions are different for every person. However, all potions are made with eight ingredients: a liquid base, one ingredient for each sense, one for the mind, and one for the soul. The basic concept is to add the ingredients one by one, stir, wait, and shove magic into it at the end. The process can take several hours. It is quite easy to create two potions at the same time, but three is beyond the capability of most potioneers. Unlike spells, potions work based on the ingredients rather than intent.[2]


  • Escape potions allow the drinker to escape danger by teleporting them or granting superhuman speed.[2]
  • Love potions cause the drinker to fall in love with a pre-determined target.[2]
  • Blending potions make the drinker appear so unremarkable and bland that observers do not truly notice the drinker unless he acts to counteract the potion's effect. An effective if limited alternative to invisibility.[3]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

In Storm Front, Dresden makes an escape potion and a love potion under Bob's instruction. The escape potion was made in a base of eight ounces of Jolt cola, a drop of motor oil, for the smell of it, and shavings of a bird's feather for tactile value. Three ounces of chocolate-covered espresso beans, ground into powder, went in next (taste). A flickering shadow stored in a clean white cloth (sight), mouse scampers kept in a glass jar for sound, a shredded unused bus ticket for the mind, and a small broken chain, for the heart.[4]

The love potion was made in a base of tequila. Three ounces of dark chocolate was added for taste, and a drop of perfume for smell. An ounce of shredded lace (touch), the last sigh at the bottom of the glass jar (hearing) and some candlelight (sight) made the mix take on a rosy golden glow. The ashes of a passionate love letter were added for heart and a fifty dollar bill completed the recipe for the mind. Although a teaspoon of crushed diamond would also do..[4]

Fool Moon[]

In Fool Moon,

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