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• 11/24/2018

Mac an angel?

Faery queens and norse gods show him respect. An outsider called him a watcher. He always points Harry in the right direction. Is he possibly an angel or maybe even God?

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• 2/3/2018

Karrin Murphy…but as a Denarian ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The nose is perfect provided that you throw in some hair dye too, but in all seriousness it would be really hard to make Murphy a Denarian without absolutely breaking her character. It’s so antithetical to her personality & beliefs, but I think you MIGHT be able to feasibly have a situation where she became a Denarian if it was to protect someone else (a la Harry picking up Lasciel before Little Harry could do it).

Provided that you had successfully made such a drastic change, I wonder what new plotlines could be explored for this little ‘what if,’ if she’d still be Harry’s friend or not 🤔
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• 8/14/2017

Sarissa & the Adversary [Spoilers]

Everyone who’s read Cold Days knows that…
…the Redcap transferred the Nemesis to Cat Sith. Well, he ALSO held Sarissa captive before sending her to deliver his ultimatum to Harry. If she’d really been captive, he could’ve easily infected her, & that means the Summer Lady, for the second (or possibly THIRD) time could’ve been compromised by Nemesis. What would that mean for future books?
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• 1/17/2018

original Merlin **possible spoiler alert**

Am re-reading the series (g) and have some questions… I get the feeling that the ‘slightly British’ guy under the last mound of crystals in the 7th tunnel of 13 under Demonreach might be the original Merlin; that he had to bind himself to Demonreach in order to keep the captured Outsiders bound. I also have the theory that Harry *becomes* the original Merlin after doing some time-traveling. It would account for some of the things he Sees on Demonreach, and for some of the comments that Rashid the Gatekeeper has said. What do y’all think about this?

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• 1/17/2018

Is the Narrator of the story a Harry from the future?

I have been an avid Dresden Files fan since I saw my mom reading them when I was in middle school. Since I started reading them I have often gotten the feeling that the stories are being told by a Harry from the future. That is to say that I get the feeling that Harry is sitting somewhere remembering all of his past experiences and that is where the stories are coming from. Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I the only one that thinks that this is the case?

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